Trading robots

All the trading robots are our own developments, we don't sell our robots, you can obtain its if you become our partner


GIDEON is a versatile, multi-currency advisor developed by BIZNET.

Flagship adviser is unique in the Forex market and has a lot of advantages over other robots: Excellent for loss up to 15–30% (risks per one transaction at one currency pair up to 8%). Multi-currency advisor can operate up to 15 pairs simultaneously.

It has a very flexible settings for any deposit size, risk management function, which limits potential losses. Recovery factor above 2.0


PERSEUS is unique BIZNET’s project of trading system which based on neural networks.

Robot has an adaptive system that allows you to optimize the setup parameters on a quarterly basis. Hedge adviser works with the robot in tandem. This allows you to reduce risks and eliminate prolonged drawdowns. Robot testing for a year showed an excellent result over 780%.

Our projects and products


The system is based on a set of the trend indicators and trend reversal indicators, there are also a trend strength indicators, which allows most accurately enter the market. The system includes an indicator which draws support lines and puts the arrow at the time of the signal output, immediately marks the moment to set optimum Take Profit and Stop Loss. The trading system completely free for our partners, and already gained confidence of tens of traders.


We don't sell our robots! They are available to our partners only and under certain conditions. Robots are not available for sale or at free access. They are always based on proven trading systems, which have proved to be excellent in manual trading. We all make them from "idea" to "result." Our team of programmers brings complex trading systems and strategies to the MQL language, that makes its unique, unparalleled in the market.


We opened our investment fund especially for those who don't want to delve into the finer points of the Forex market and be knowledgeable in the trading. Our hedge fund is a closed area, there are few investment options in it, from the conservative percent to the aggressive profit. Full transparency and work accountability. There is a generous affiliate program and unique conditions for VIP partners in the fund. We are distinguished by a high level of trust due to hedging.

Partners and investors


You can join our affiliate program and learn a new specialized skill for free, become a professional trader. Or become our partner and make money on the network construction. All the training, tools and materials we provide free of charge. In addition you will join a whole community of our partners and friends, and this is the right environment, which will prompt and help you always.


You can become our investor and invest your money in our hedge fund for 20–30% per month. There are some investment plans with different interest and terms. Full transparency with daily reports, daily charges and weekly payments. Additional bonuses for marquee investors. And an attractive affiliate program. We are distinguished by a high level of trust due to implementation of advanced technologies such as blockchain.


You can get a franchise of our project. For example, become our regional representative or agent in other countries. This offer is for partners with experience of management or work in the similar areas, but the main thing is the wishing to learn and develop yourself in our company. We will teach you for any other things and provide everything you need. We give the franchise far not everyone, please contact us to discuss the details.