Trust management
for private investors

Confidentiality, profitability, transparency
About us
BIZNET is a trust management platform. High income, fantastic career plan, and absolute confidentiality for our participants. All trend financial markets are right in the palm of your hand.

BIZNET is a team of professional traders and software developers with many years of experience in the financial markets. Our focus is confidentiality, profitability, and transparency. We sufficiently increase stability of our hedge fund by dividing activities among various financial markets and trends. Besides, by cooperating with us you will get an absolute 100% insurance of your investments with BIZCOIN cryptocurrency.

What do we do?
Software development of trading systems and robots for Forex market
We offer unique trading systems, robots, and trend indicators for Forex market. We develop unique algorithms for trading on Forex and convert them into programming code. Our trading systems and robots have shown excellent results in trading and allow you to earn consistently in Forex market.
Trust management platform
For those of you who do not want to delve into the finer points of trading on financial markets, we have created a hedge fund. We offer a trust management service to our clients and partners. We sufficiently increase stability by dividing activities among various financial markets and trends. We offer a wide range of tariff plans and a fantastic career ladder.
Our own cryptocurrency Bizcoin
We are launching our own cryptocurrency with a unique plan of promotion and capitalization. In the nearest future, all activities of the BIZNET company will be directed to the plough-back and expansion of our cryptocurrency, as well as all social ecosystem created around it.
Social eco-system
We are launching a whole social eco-system, which consists of several our projects, such as: internal cryptocurrency exchange, social network, cryptomarket, and a crowdfunding platform (ICO platform). All social activities will be transferred online and united by our cryptocurrency Bizcoin.
Real case stories
Success stories of people who already work with us
I’ve joined the company recently. What attracts me the most is the transparency of the company`s activities, suitable tariff plans, and growth prospects. I prefer investing to running my own business. It gives me freedom and flexibility, I am less stressed and sleep better now. I am very glad to be a part of this great company. BIZNET has a bright future ahead.
Personal deposit
Tariff plan
Investor (joined in April 2017)
Let me put it in a very simple and honest way - why BIZNET? The most important reasons for me are transparency, clear development strategy, growth prospects, and stable income. Besides, I am personally very interested in cryptocurrencies. I think it is one of the most profitable industries right now and will stay so for the nearest future. I’m pretty sure that we are now only taking first steps on the long way towards a new reality. I’m thankful for the opportunity to be a part of an international team. Thank you, BIZNET!
Personal deposit
Tariff plan
I have been working with BIZNET since November 2016. The BIZNET community is a big and friendly family for me. The company’s management is open to new ideas and improvements, promptly solves any technical and organizational issues. I love passive income. The profit of 15-27% per month depending on the tariff plan seems to be an awesome option to me. A generous affiliate program is a pleasant bonus. I’m looking forward to future developments. It’s just a beginning.
Personal deposit
Tariff plan
Investor, blogger
I’ve been working with BIZNET from the very early days. I am not only an investor here; I also actively participate in the affiliate program. I have already built a large team, achieved status “director”, and received rewards from the company. I am very glad that I’ve been working with BIZNET since the very beginning. It has been great. Just great. And there is still a long way to go.
Personal deposit
Tariff plan
BIZNET is a team of professional traders and software developers with many years of experience in the financial markets. All our robots and trading strategies are unique products of the BIZNET company and have no analogues on the market.
More than 20 000 satisfied clients are already using our trading systems or have invested in our hedge-fund, and are already earning profit from our trading strategies and products.
The markets and products we work with are always at the trend peak and will remain relevant for a long time. We pursue ambitious goals and use the most advanced tools.
We have developed an exceptional career plan with referral commissions, rewards and profits from the company’s turnover. Even if you are a beginner in the field of investing, you can master it with the help of our Academy.